2024 Speakers

The 2024 Yass Prize Summit is an opportunity to hear from the newly named 2024 Yass Prize Semifinalists, former Yass Prize awardees, and other high-profile guests engage in dynamic discussions on the power of education freedom at the iconic Freedom Tower.

2024 Yass Prize Semifinalists

The 50 newly awarded 2024 Yass Prize Semifinalists will participate in their inaugural task as panelists at the 2024 Yass Prize Power of Freedom Summit. They will share the stage with fellow awardees of years past, distinguished guests, elected officials, and more articulating their perspectives on a diverse array of topics. Their contributions during the summit will not only illuminate their individual insights but also underscore why they have ascended to the upper echelons of education innovation in New York City.

More Speakers Being Added Daily